Remodel 2024



The Wood Shop & The Hat Shop



Major Interior Renovation



NOW! Early 2024



Current Location 719 Front Street – Temporary store relocation next door during construction



50th Year in business Celebration!!


The Wood Shop and The Hat Shop are getting extreme makeovers! In celebration of The Wood Shop’s 50th year in business we are making much needed updates. The Wood Shop was founded in 1974 during the early years of Leavenworth’s change to the Bavarian Themed town of today. We are thrilled to announce a full interior makeover that will take our beloved stores to new heights.

Renovation will commence in early 2024, promising an exciting transformation. The Wood Shop has always had a charm unique to itself, delighting children and adults with its special selection of handmade wood puzzles and toys from around the world. We are thankful for the decades of families visiting and making multi-generational memories exploring our shops. Our family is committed to enhancing the experience of our cherished customers for the next 50 years!

Don’t worry, we will still be open! We invite you to join us next door in our temporary location during the remodel.

“Will it feel the same after the remodel?” Fear not! The charm that has made The Wood Shop iconic will remain, and the Hat Shop will still be the “coolest” store in town with more space for hats and superior displays. A harmonious blend of old and new is our vision for the remodel. The layout, lighting, and increased space will only revitalize the heart and soul of these magical stores.

Stay tuned for more updates as we embark on this exciting adventure celebrating 50 years in business! We can’t wait to share in making new memories next year and generations to come.